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Horde 5 and Kolab 2.2 – yes, we can!

I’ve been trying for months to get the latest Horde groupware client to integrate with our Kolab server. While this has been promised for Horde version 4 already (and first implementation attempts reach back to Horde version 1, if I … Continue reading

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Failing a RAID disk drive via Areca web interface

Once in a while, there’s a disk in a RAID array that we believe to be “suspicious” and would like to mark as a failed drive. But using Areca’s web interface, there’s no obvious possibility to do so. You may … Continue reading

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Optimizing, it ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it!

Some problems can be solved by throwing big money at them. When it comes to storage performance, it could be spending your bucks on faster and/or more disks, or paying someone to optimize your environment. For people like me, that’s … Continue reading

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