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cyradm and custom annotations

An old problem reared its ugly head again: Trying to set up mailbox folders in Cyrus imapd for a new Kolab user, the message “Permission denied” was the only result when trying to set the required annotations: user@somehost:~ > cyradm … Continue reading

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WebOS to Horde5

In this short-lived times, many is forgotten easily… but they are out there. Hiding. Hoping. Trying to survive. Maybe you remember… Palm! WebOS! The famous line of “Palm Pre” phones, the HP TouchPad. When it comes to mobile devices, I … Continue reading

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Horde 5 and Kolab 2.2 – yes, we can!

I’ve been trying for months to get the latest Horde groupware client to integrate with our Kolab server. While this has been promised for Horde version 4 already (and first implementation attempts reach back to Horde version 1, if I … Continue reading

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