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PXE-booting UEFI systems via SUSE Manager’s Cobbler

Booting BIOS-based PXE clients via SUSE Manager and its integrated “Cobbler” component is very easy and well-documented. But as more and more hardware vendors decide to switch to UEFI, how about PXE-booting these?

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SUSE Manager, Cobbler and UTF-8

I’ve come across a little nuisance, which took some days to become buggin’ enough to make me look up the solution. Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably facing the same problem: During the progress of debugging a Cobbler AutoYaST … Continue reading

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Creating non-SLES boostrap repositories in SUSE Manager 3

You likely already know this, but let me state it anyhow: SUSE Manager is an awesome tool to manage your SUSE and Redhat server environment. At least it is since the update to version 3 – I wouldn’t start arguing … Continue reading

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