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Installing openSUSE Leap 42.1 on bcache root FS

Now that openSUSE Leap has been around for some time, I wanted to give it a try on one of our test SAN/NAS servers. One of the most basic elements of these SAN/NAS servers is using bcache to employ transparent … Continue reading

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SYS2028TP-DECR: fixing spurious reboots and disk hangs

You might think I’m a lazy guy, for not continuing with my articles on the bcache-assisted SAN server. But believe me, it’s far from that: Shortly after putting the SAN server into production mode, we ran into serious trouble: One … Continue reading

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Firefox passwords: Now you see ’em, now you don’t

For some weeks, I’ve been suffering from an obscure problem with my Firefox password store: All stored passwords were available when listed via “settings” / “security” / “stored passwords”, and Firefox would enter user names in the appropriate web site … Continue reading

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