FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N v2 on openSUSE Leap 42.1

I recently had to deal with a freshly bought HP laptop (called “HP 15-BA030NG”), a basically nice piece of hardware, nothing fancy but doing its job under openSUSE Leap 42.1. We moved the laptop to a location where it had to access a 5 GHz WLAN, no 2.4 GHz networks available. To cut the story short: That 2016 hardware comes without 5 GHz support. (HP, are you listening? What a crappy design decision, just to save a few cents!)

So we took a USB WLAN stick, “FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N v2”, and hoped for plug&play. Continue reading

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LibreOffice not showing installed font on Linux

Here’s another quick one – although I have simply been lucky to find the answer so fast.

While having some documents going through corporate review, it was noted that the PDF and print versions wouldn’t show some parts using the expected fonts. Looking at the list of available fonts in Linux (via “fc-cat |grep NameOfMissingFont”), the font files were clearly included. But when checking the list of available fonts in LibreOffice writer, the fonts were nowhere to be found. Hence, although the template file for these documents referenced the correct fonts, LibreOffice substituted them “silently” by some other available fonts. Continue reading

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SCST dev_vdisk errors

Recently, we received reports of SCST-related error messages from one of our SAN servers:
kernel: [1082754.895993] [4821]: dev_vdisk: ***ERROR***: write() returned -28 from 4096

A quick analysis showed that these errors started on a working day right after holiday season, but during the evening hours (so no-one was actively working on-site). From then on, we saw roughly 10 to 30 similar messages per incident, with these incidents occurring 45 to 90 minutes apart. What caught our eye was the fact that these incident were always on a quarter-of-an-hour mark. Continue reading

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