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SUSE’s Apache2 SSL renegotiation fixes hit the repositories

It’s been quite a while since the actual code fix was done, but now the RPMs for SLES11’s Apache2 implementation (SP1 to SP3) have hit the SUSE SLES11 repositories:

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SSL renegotiation – all’s well that ends well

In “SSL renegotiation – a never-ending story?” I introduced you to problems with Apache’s httpd version 2.2.12 from SLES11SP2, where under certain conditions the server aborts the SSL renegotiation and the client then either appears to hang or reports an … Continue reading

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Adding video content to Opencms sites

Running an OpenCms site, a recent content update kept me quite busy. Not only writing, reading, re-reading and re-re-reading the new content, but also from two technical points of view. Where we came from The server in question has been … Continue reading

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