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Xen disk device states

Have you ever wondered what the “state” numbers in the output of “xl block-list” (or “xm block-list”, if you’re still using the “xm” command set) mean? root@somehost:~ # xl block-list 3 Vdev BE handle state evt-ch ring-ref BE-path 51712 0 … Continue reading

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Want to own your data in the cloud? Use OwnCloud!

Recently, I’ve been hitting an actual use case that made me thing about putting data “in the cloud”. Actually, being an old-school guy, I wasn’t thinking “Cloud” at first, but looking for a mechanism to easily synchronize data between several … Continue reading

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SYS2028TP-DECR: fixing spurious reboots and disk hangs

You might think I’m a lazy guy, for not continuing with my articles on the bcache-assisted SAN server. But believe me, it’s far from that: Shortly after putting the SAN server into production mode, we ran into serious trouble: One … Continue reading

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