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SYS2028TP-DECR: fixing spurious reboots and disk hangs

You might think I’m a lazy guy, for not continuing with my articles on the bcache-assisted SAN server. But believe me, it’s far from that: Shortly after putting the SAN server into production mode, we ran into serious trouble: One … Continue reading

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slow detection of SAN LUNs

After moving our Xen cluster to new servers, we noticed a strange behavior: While the first VMs would start immediately,  later VMs (having started about 20 VMs) would not come up: The NPIV-configured LUNs couldn’t be attached in Dom0.

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Optimizing, it ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it!

Some problems can be solved by throwing big money at them. When it comes to storage performance, it could be spending your bucks on faster and/or more disks, or paying someone to optimize your environment. For people like me, that’s … Continue reading

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