Welcome to our IT sysadmin blog!

Being bleeding edge has its advantages… and disadvantages as well. We have no choice. In order to provide our services, we’re constantly setting up new systems and packages of more or less mature nature, and we hit the wall quite frequently.

Now, in the Internet world, there’s at least a hint out there and we’ve profited from that, by locating the bits and pieces and putting together the puzzle. And we’re trying to give back, per this blog. Whenever we find something new, either problem or solution, we’ll put it up here and leave it open to discussion.

So if you find something useful here, we’re happy to have helped. And if you find an error, mis-phrasing or ambiguities, please be so kind and leave a comment so that others can profit, too.


PS: In case your reading this from a country where every web page needs a disclaimer and/or imprint and it’s admin needs a specialized lawyer: This blog is run by NDE Netzdesign und -entwicklung AG, a company based in Hamburg (Germany). Legal information can be found in our main site’s imprint. Whenever we mention companies and/or products by name, those names and all rights to them of course remain with their respective owners. Any information on this site is copyrighted material – if the rights aren’t held by NDE AG itself, then rest assured that we have gained permission to publish.

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