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STONITHing nodes via SNMP-controlled PDUs

Running a Pacemaker cluster without STONITH is not the right way to go, and if you’re using OCFS2 in that context, you’re even forced to provide a STONITH service, as else the cluster won’t start. We have some SNMP-controlled PDUs … Continue reading

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Pacemaker support for live migration of dependent resources

As I had reported over a year ago, up to now it was not possible to use Pacemaker to properly manage resources that both resolve dependencies of other resources and can be migrated live to another node of your cluster. … Continue reading

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Linux Pacemaker, dependant resources and live migration

It’s been a while and I’ve been thinking about new topics for our blog… it’s not that we wouldn’t have enough to lament about, but that’s more for a cool beer and some chit-chat, rather than to annoy you. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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