BWS “Google sitemap” plug-in for WordPress: Changed behavior

Another quick one: This site is using the “Google sitemap” plug-in from BWS, which is really helpful when using Google’s tools for webmasters. Earlier versions needed you to manually refresh the site map file when adding articles, but some time ago an update changed that to automatic. But that didn’t seem to work no more, since the update to version 2.5 of the plug-in. And what’s worse: Even a manual update of the sitemap file didn’t help!

At first I only noticed this when “webmaster tools” didn’t alter the page count after re-submitting the site map – and a few retries didn’t change this. Of course I spend a few moments on manually invoking the plug-in’s sitemap file update, without success. The next step was to check the generated file, and there it hit me: The “sitemap.xml” file had not been changed since March 28… but a new file was on the list: “sitemap_technik_blogs_nde_ag.xml”.

When I installed WordPress, I chose to prepare for future hosting of multiple blogs… and with the recent update of the “Google sitemap” plug-in, the developer(s) seem to have added support for this. The change log only mentioned “Added ability to create sitemap.xml for multi-sites”, but not that the behavior will substantially change *if* you’re running a multi-site configuration.

I have registered the new site map with Google’s webmaster tools, and will remove the old one once the new entries have found their way into Google’s database. It just would have been nice if I had somehow been notified while updating the plug-in.

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